ALICE Workshop Sibiu 2008
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     20 August

     J. Schukraft, ALICE A Large Ion Collider Experiment

     F. Carminati & L. Betev, The ALICE distributed computing

     P. Saiz, Alien Tutorial

     A. Gheata, ALICE offline tutorial: Proof

     C. Schiaua, NIHAM GRID site & Analysis Facility

     C. Grigoras, Monitoring the ALICE Grid with MonALISA

     21 August

     D. Petcu, Recent experiences in Grid-enabling legacy software codes

     R. Brun, Root status and current developments

     R. Brun, ROOT Impossible wishes?

     K. Oyama, TRD commissioning status at CERN

     K. Schwarz, CBM/Panda Grid activities

     S. Zgura, ISS contribution in ALICE Grid activities

     C. Schmidt, TRD ROC status

     J. Wessels, Super Module Construction

     F. Uhlig, CBM (FAIR) Simulations & Analysis Framework/ CBM(FAIR) ROOT

     22 August

     A. Bercuci,  TRD Reconstruction

     A. Wilk, PID Capabilities using artificial neuronal networks in the TRD

     K. Schweda, Collective flow of QCD - matter at highest collider energies

     F. Crochet, Heavy flavours and quarkonia at LHC

     H. Buesching, HLT-TRD

     M. Petris, TRD Chamber production status at NIHAM

     O. Rusu, RoEduNet - Photonic Network for REsearch and Education

     V. Angelov, Fast data processing in ALICE TRD FEE & GTU

     S. Masciocchi, Physics with the ALICE TRD

     C. Andrei, Collective phenomena in heavy ion central collisions

     A. Herghelegiu, Collective phenomena in mid-central heavy ion collisions