ALICE Workshop Sibiu 2008
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  Sibiu is located in the southern part of the historical province of Transylvania, close the central point of the nowadays Romania. It is situated in the valley of the Cibin river, bordered at the south by the Fagaras and Cindrel mountains (with peaks around 2500 m) and to the north by the Transylvanian highlands.

  It is a city with a rich history which goes back to the 12th century when it was founded by german colonists. Germans and hungarians formed the majority of its inhabitants till the beginning of the 20th century, when the rapid economical development together with newly gained freedoms allowed for other nationalities to grow in size. Nowadays the majority of the inhabitants claim romanian origin, while the german community represents only about 2%.

  The climate is temperate-continental. In the end-summer beginnig-autumn period the day-time temperature can reach 30C while the evenings and nights can be chilly. In this time of the year rainfalls are not uncommon.

  Sibiu is the most important touristic destination in Romania with over a million tourists in 2007, when due to its rich historical and cultural heritage was, in partnership with Luxembourg, the European Cultural Capital. Among the attractions we list:

  • Piata Mare and Piata Mica - situated in the historical part of the city with buildings dating back to the 15th century
  • Bruckenthal Museum - residence of the governor of Transylvania in the 18th century, now hosts an art museum, the first opened for public acces museum in south-eastern Europe
  • Altenberger Haus - the old city-hall, now hosting the History Museum
  • City Wall - part of the middle age defence fortifications, with towers still in place
  • Muzeul Tehnicii Populare - an open air museum which exhibits "tehnological" devices (windmills, households)  used in the day-to-day life by the inhabintants of present day Romania going back to the Roman times.
  • Paltinis - a ski resort in the mountains 30km south from Sibiu
  • Ocna Sibiului - a spa resort 15km to the north, with natural salt lakes formed in an old salt-mine.
Aerial view of the main squares Piata Mare and Piata Mica

View of the Bruckenthal Palace and the City Hall in Piata Mare

The Altemberg House (City Hall in the Middle Ages)

House from Muzeul Tehnicii Populare