Centre of Excellence
Detector Laboratories

Detector Laboratory 1 
      130 ALICE-TRD chambers realized and tested in our department, covering an area of 167m2, with 253.000 read-out channels (24% of the ALICE-TRD). Finalized in October 2008, this is the most important contribution which Romania has ever had within a large international collaboration.

Detector Laboratory 2   TRD testing laboratory.

Detector Laboratory 3   RPC testing laboratory.

Electronics Laboratories
       We have acquired and installed the CADENCE infrastructure for ASIC design and OrCAD for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) design. The first analog CHIP designed in Romania was produced and presently used in all tests of the TRD prototypes developed for CBM Experiment at FAIR. Its updated version, including hardware processing of the signals specific for the TRD architecture developed by us has been designed, produced and undergoes detailed electronic tests before being implemented on the detectors.

       We started GRID activities since the end of the '90. From November 2002 the computing cluster of our Center of Excellence is a member of the ALICE GRID, this being the first international GRID application in Romania. Back then, the present computing cluster consits of ~1000 CPU cores, 2GB RAM/core, ~800 TB dedicated storage, 1 Gbit/sec internal network, 10 Gbit/sec uplink, 3 cooling units (industrial grade), 3 x 80 kVA UPS, Diesel generator ? 600 kVA. All these equipments are hosted in a new Data Center which has been constructed in the basement of our building, providing controlled temperature and humidity as well as a dust free atmosphere Presently the NIHAM GRID site, with more than 2,500 cores computing power and 2 PB storage capacity, is one of the most efficient GRID sites in terms of (used computing power) / (available computing power) and has delivered only last year more then 2.3 kSI2k Mhours, representing more than 12% of the total number of done jobs within ALICE collaboration. The monitoring of these activities is done via the MonAlisa system and is available online at:
:8889/show?page=index.html  A similar computing infrastructure, NAF, is used for large scale calculations for nuclear structure and dynamics and ultra-relativistic collisions, MC simulations, development of calibration and analysis codes and preliminary analysis before large scale applications are submitted on GRID infrastructure.

Technological transfer laboratory
       HPD has also a small group focused on applied research in the field of vacuum technologies and potential transfer of some results obtained in our activities related to basic research towards applied and technological transfer sectors. HPD has in its portfolio four patents in the field of dry lubricant coatings granted by the Romanian state office for inventions and trademarks. A multipurpose thin film deposition system is used by this group to develop procedures to obtain thin layers with specific physical and chemical properties.

Multi purpose Conference Room