ALICE    A Large Ion Collider Experiment
Hadron Physics Department - IFIN-HH
Contribution to ALICE Experiment @ LHC
Frame assembly
Winding of multiwire electrodes
Alignment and gluing  of multiwire electrodes
Wire soldering

Chamber sealing
Final gluing
Chamber grounding
Chamber testing during construction
Pad connectivity
Electrical connections of
the anode and cathode wires

Wire tension
Dark current before
chamber gluing

Pad plane assembly
Delivery date  to GSI, Darmstadt:

Fixed chamber testing
Experimental set-up
Fine gain scanning uniformity
Absolute gas gain
Chamber leak rate test
Wire tension
Gain uniformity
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- May 2005              -   7 chambers
- March 2006          - 25 chambers
- November 2006  - 25 chambers
- November 2007  - 20 chambers
- May 2008              - 28 chambers
- November 2008  - 25 chambers
TOTAL:  130 chambers
Average construction rate of ALICE TRD @ DFH IFIN-HH
Chamber transport

The renovation of the second floor of the present Hadron Physics Department started in fall 2003.
Five main clean rooms with 100000, 10000 and 1000 particles/ft3 air purity were equipped for TRD construction.
December 2003
Ianuary 2004
February 2004
Chamber construction